About The class...

Chris Knight created the Retirement Planning Blueprint® to help educate and empower retirees to live a peaceful retirement. After working with retirees for over a decade, Chris has realized education, planning and practical application are the keys to a peaceful retirement. Retirement Planning Blueprint® is taught at local colleges to provide retirees the education they need to make informed retirement planning decisions.


What will I learn?

Retirement Planning – The Big Picture

  • Am I headed in the right track to save enough for retirement?

  • Could I retire now?

  • If I have saved excess resources, what should I do with them?

  • How do I determine how much I will spend in retirement?

  • How do I factor in taxes and inflation?

Tax Planning – Lowering One of Our Largest Expenses

  • What strategies are available to mitigate taxes before and after retirement?

  • What is the tax effect of taking money out of my IRA?

  • Will I pay taxes if I convert money from an IRA to a Roth IRA?

  • How are Social Security benefits taxed?

  • What are the key tax terms I should know?

Income Planning – How Do I Take Income in Retirement? 

  • What are my options for taking Social Security benefits?

  • What Social Security coordination strategies would make sense to use for me and my spouse?

  • How do I calculate the Required Minimum Distribution?

  • How is the Required Minimum Distribution taxed


Investment Planning – How to Align Your Investment Portfolio with Your Retirement Goals

  • Determining what tools you have available for your investment portfolio.

  • Does my portfolio align with my retirement goals?

  • Do I understand the historical risk and return relationship of owning stocks and bonds?

  • How do I use my investments to meet my income needs in retirement?

  • Understanding the fees for the mutual funds, exchange traded funds and annuities?

Risk Management – How to Mitigate Health Care Related Expenses in Retirement

  • Understanding potential health care expenses in retirement.

  • Identifying options to pay for long-term care needs.

  • How to use “out of favor” assets to help pay for long-term care needs.

  • Understanding the keys to making informed Medicare decisions.

  • Comparison of common life insurance options.

Estate Planning – Determining How Your Assets Will Pass at Death

  • Understanding the core estate planning documents.

  • Identify ways to avoid assets passing through probate.

  • Understanding if your estate will pay taxes.

  • How to know if your current plan matches your desired wishes.

  • Understanding potential risk of disinheriting those you love.